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Firearms Licencing

OnTarget Rimfire Club is now a Home Office Approved Shooting club….
What does this mean?

In order to obtain a Firearms Licence F.A.C (Firearms Certificate) in the UK, there are understandably stringent rules and processes to follow, the following details the types of licenses and the expectations of the prospective holders.
The 2 main acceptable ‘good reasons’ for the issue of a FAC:
Vermin Control or hunting and Target Shooting.
In the case of Vermin Control or hunting suitable quarry, the applicant will need to provide evidence of their permission to shoot on suitable land, more information regarding FAC’s for Vermin Control can be found on the government website:

In the case of Target Shooting, the applicant must be a full member of a Home Office approved shooting club. In order to become a full member, there is a legal requirement that the individual has completed a minimum of 3 months probation (Most clubs have a localised rule to extend this to 6 months) during which regular attendance is required.
At OnTarget Rimfire Club for clarity, regular attendance is defined as 8 visits during the first 3 months, all of which are supported 1-2-1 with a qualified instructor.
This must be followed by a minimum of 8 further visits, culminating in a demonstration of safe handling and a short question and answer prior to being deemed a full member.
During your probation, you will have access to a range of Club guns, and be expected to demonstrate an understanding of and the safe handling of these guns.
Once you have been deemed a full member by the club, the Local Firearms Licencing Office is made aware and you are free to make an application to them for a FAC using your membership as ‘good reason’.
On your application for a FAC you will be required to define exactly the caliber and type of gun you would be looking to purchase following the issue of your certificate, once again ‘good reason’ takes effect, the majority of clubs have limitations to the calibre and muzzle velocity allowed on their ranges and the gun you define must be within these limitations.
There are no restrictions on the number of guns you can request but ‘good reason’ takes effect once more and you will be required to demonstrate why they are needed.
Another requirement on your application is the amount of ammunition you wish to hold, once again there are no stipulated rules but yet again, we refer again to ‘good reason’.
The time taken to process your application can differ greatly - anything between 3-9 months, during this time you will receive a call from your local F.E.O (Firearms Enquiry Officer) to arrange a visit, this visit will take anything from 1-3 hours and will involve detailed questioning for them to determine your suitability to hold a certificate.
The visit will also inspect your security arrangements; you are required to have a BSI approved gun safe suitably attached to a solid wall, to which only the certificate holder has access. You are also required to have suitable separate storage facilities for any ammunition.
Once you have obtained your FAC it will have a number of authorities or ‘slots’ available for you to purchase the guns you originally requested, your local dealer will be able to sell you the specific firearms relating to a slot on your FAC. It is worth noting any Moderators required will also require defining in your application and will also be required as an available authority before you are able to purchase.
Finally, after you have received your FAC, it is worth noting that if it isn’t used on the anniversary of renewal or indeed at anytime a check is made it can be cancelled. Each time you shoot at your club a record is made of guns used and rounds shot, if you are seen to not be using a gun it can be removed from your license.

Online Firearms application and renewal form

Start the online process above to access a downloadable copy.